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After meeting with the Psychologist, I sat in the waiting room for what seemed like forever. 

In the midst of me waiting, I called my mom and told her that Dr. Brown was no longer accepting my insurance and  if I wanted him to still be my surgeon I would have to  schedule my surgery within 12 days. 

After hanging up with my mom, I made the decision to honor my spirit and remember what I prayed earlier that morning. 

I decided that I was NOT going to rush this process. 

12 Days was not enough time for me emotionally to prepare for the surgery

While I was waiting for Dr. Brown I reached out to a co-worker of mine who had the surgery. 

I remember my co-worker speaking about how amazing his surgeon was, etc. 

I asked my co-worker for his surgeon’s information.

My coworker said Dr. Bell performed his surgery and he began to tell me what an amazing experience he had with Dr. Bell. 

In the midst of waiting for Dr. Brown, I got on the phone and contacted Dr. Bell’s office. 

I explained to the secretary what just happened. 

I cried again on the phone. 

She was so patient with me. 

I told her that I was pretty much done with all my pre-op insurance requirements, and I wanted to know if I could schedule to meet with Dr. Bell. 

I also wanted to find out if I would have to go through any pre-op requirements all over again, since I would be switching doctors. 

She informed me that she did not think I would have to; however, she was unsure. 

After checking my insurance package, I did find out that Dr. Bell was in my network. 

The secretary informed me that I could meet with Dr. Bell. 

If I could have met with him that day I would have ! UHKAY!!

The secretary proceeded to schedule me to meet with Dr. Bell THEN she said Dr. Bell will have one requirement. 

I’m like okay...what’s the requirement. 

In my head I'm thinking “I’m down for whatever”.

She then proceeds to say….

“Dr. Bell hosts his own Weight Loss Surgery Seminars and It’s his requirement that you attend”.

BRAHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I remember saying to the sweet lovely secretary who just listened to me cry my eyes out… “Ma’am I have been to TWO seminars. TWO. I feel like I could teach the seminars at this point. Is it REALLY necessary?”..

She laughed but basically told me I had to go. 


Fast Forward, 



I met with Dr. Bell on December 10, 2018 at his seminar and he explained EVERYTHING!


When I met him, we instantly clicked. 

In retrospect, going to the seminar wasn’t so bad. 

I was able to explain to him what happened with my past doctor and we began to form a relationship. 

I met with Dr. Bell the week after the seminar and we went over ALL my pre-op paperwork. 

I also met with the nutritionist that day - she was MUCH BETTER. I clicked instantly with her!

After I met with the nutritionist, Dr. Bell asked me when I wanted to have my surgery.

I paused for what felt like the 2 longest minutes of my life. 

I couldn’t believe I had finally made it to this moment. 

Dr. Bell told me that he wasn't going to rush me to make a surgery date, he just said “I perform surgery on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s” LOL. 

At this point we were walking down the hallway, making our way towards the surgery scheduler’s desk., 

I sat down at her desk and a range of emotions came over me. 

I was expecting Dr. Bell to move along to his next patient; however, he sat in the chair next to me and asked me what I was feeling. 

I was feeling a range of emotions. 

I was in tears at this point. 

I just rode the wave of emotions and Dr. Bell rode with me. 

At that moment I was so proud that Dr. Bell was MY surgeon. 

His patience and humor made this process rewarding for me. 

Internally I thanked God and realized why he closed the door with my previous Dr. 

I looked at the calendar and said January 31, 2019. 

Dr. Bell replied “I’ll see you there”. 


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