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I would consider myself to be one of those “I will cross that bridge when I get there” type of people. 

Actually, my favorite and most often used line when someone asks me about something in advance is “I haven’t gotten that far in my life yet”. 

This is MY WAY of decreasing anxiety and it allows me to practice mindfulness. 

New Jersey Bariatric Center (NJBC) calls me and I am scheduled for my intake appointment on October 23, 2018.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, HERE is where the roller coaster began.

Remember I thought it would be smooth sailing?


I was scheduled to meet with one of the doctors at 12pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Let’s refer to her as Dr. Smith.

Now PRIOR to meeting with Dr. Smith, Dena Glover (MY MOMMA) googled Dr. Smith’s ENTIRE life (Mom’s-gotta love them).  

Chile, I pretty much formed a relationship with Dr.Smith in my head. 

Shoot, she was going to be my surgeon so it was ONLY RIGHT that I stalk her (aka make sure I don’t come across any malpractice suits, etc)

Tuesday morning, I get an automated text from NJBC indicating that my appointment for the next day was going to be canceled.  

C A N C E L E D …? 

I “gently” called the Doctor’s office and “politely” asked them why my appointment was canceled. Long story short, Dr. Smith had an emergency, and now I was being transferred to Dr. Brown.  

At this point I didn’t even trip because I remembered “What is for me will never pass me”. 

In my mind, it was not in God’s will for Dr. Smith to be my surgeon. I conceptualized that It was now in God’s will for Dr. Brown to be the surgeon. Honestly, I was cool off that. 

I called my mom and told her about the switch. We were both cool with it being Dr. Brown because Dr. Brown  was the first surgeon that we met at the FIRST AND SECOND seminar.

All in All, I was familiar with him and I didn’t need to google anything lol.

Ok. Bet. 

So I met with Dr. Brown  and we go over procedures, policies, expectations, (you can’t sue us if you die fine print paperwork)….. blah blah blah…. You know how that goes. 

Within the next 2 weeks (November 2018) I was scheduled for my Psychological Evaluation, Physical Examination, Nutrition Evaluation and after that I would be able to FINALLY PICK A SURGERY DATE!! 

WHEW! Everything was starting to come full circle (Or So I Thought) and things were moving quicker than I imagined. 

Was I nervous? Nah.


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2 Yorum

Thank you so much !!!!!!! I felt that!!!! 💕💕💕


If no one got anything else from all of us this, I pray they were able to identify your ability to trust God through this entire process, not rushing into it and doing what was best for CHYNA. Thank you for being transparent and being obedient. Can't wait to read future chapters.

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