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In the weeks leading up to January 31, 2019 I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. 

I had been seeing my therapist more frequently to continue preparing for the journey ahead. 

I met with Human Resources, completed my Family Medical Leave paperwork and would be out of work for 1 month. 

There was such a surreal feeling in the air for me. 

I was told that ideally I could go back to work in 1 week; however, I wanted to take time to relearn my body. 

I wanted to rest and make sure I was in a good space mentally. 

I made the decision to keep my surgery VERY private. 

I was STILL dealing with the shame surrounding the decision and I only released the information to a few people. 

To date, I don’t regret keeping my surgery private and I don’t regret the path I choose. 

Fast Forward, 

Twas the night before surgery. 

I had the BEST McDonalds Burger I HAVE EVER HAD. LOL No seriously, that burger was SO GOOD. 

The days leading up to surgery I revisited some of my old favorite fast food restaurants because I KNEW that I WOULD NOT be eating that way after surgery. 

This was a second chance for me and I did not want to mess things up. 

I have tears in my eyes now just knowing that I’m getting ready to release this information. 

I have tears in my eyes because God was SO SOVEREIGN throughout this journey. 

I’m thankful for that closed door back in 2017, it still had God’s name on it. 

I’m thankful for the closed door back in 2018 when I was told I would have to make a decision in 12 days. 

I’m thankful for that moment I had in the car back in 2018 when I completely stuffed myself with food to the point of sickness. 

I'm thankful for it ALL. 

So here we go….

My undeniable truth ! On January 31, 2019 at 7:31am, laid out on the hospital bed with tears in my eyes but faith in my heart, I made the biggest and (now) best decision of my life.

After years and years of battling food addiction and digging myself deeper and deeper into the hole of depression with a fork and knife, God gave me a “tool” to take my life back with! 

Weighing over 260 pounds and knocking on the door of diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea etc I MADE the decision to have Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) - Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG). 

The enemy wants to keep me bound and shackled in the web of shame but, God is calling me to share my story! 

I was using food to cope with everything in my life. 

Honestly, I’d rather hide under a pillow and never show my face again BUT my story is going to Free and Bless someone. 

It’s not even about CHYNA at this point #Obedience

If you’re reading Chapter 8 then you’re reading about the mountain I climbed. 

This is what survival looks like! 

This is what overcoming looks like !!! 

This WAS NOT the easy way out but the NECESSARY way out FOR ME. 

I was broken, lost, and didn’t even recognize my own self.

God brought a new light to my life through this tool and I’m standing on my undeniable truth. 

Stay Tuned… There is MORE TO COME!

If you made it to Chapter 8. YOU A REAL ONE!!!


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