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For some strange reason, between 1-2am I would find myself up thinking “I need to do something”. 

At this point, I weighed well over 260 pounds, and my eating was completely out of control. 

Not to mention that a majority of my money was being spent ON FOOD! 

September 17, 2018 @2:13am, I finally registered myself to attend the Weight Loss Surgery seminar at New Jersey Bariatric Center (NJBC). 

My seminar was scheduled for October 9, 2018. 

I did not want to attend the seminar alone (again), so I asked my mom to accompany me. 

Let me rewind while you have a seat at the feet of my heart. 

Considering Weight Loss Surgery was something I was VERY ASHAMED of. 

Getting the courage to speak to my mom about it was tough. 

Back in 2017, when my mom and I went to the FIRST seminar, she asked “Are you going to tell Daddy?’. 

I was truly ashamed and embarrassed and did not want my dad to know. I didn’t WANT ANYONE TO KNOW.

Embarrassment and Shame held me captive and I went into protective mode. 

So I lied. 

When my mom and I were on the way to the FIRST seminar with NJBC, I  lied and told my dad that my mom and I were going to a furniture store to look for a new bed. 

Fast forward to Oct 2018, my mom and I are on the way to the SECOND seminar and my dad calls. 

My heart started beating super fast!

My mom whispered to me “Are you going to tell him”?

I told her that she could tell him.

We were sitting at the red light by the corner of my house. 

I vividly remember looking down at my hands shaking on the steering wheel. 

I listened and my mom proceeded to explain that we are on the way to a Weight Loss Surgery  seminar. 

Anyone who knows my dad, knows that he is super animated and loud when he is excited (Love you dad!). 

I was awaiting his response with nerves sitting in the pit of my stomach.

I wanted to take my words back.  

I zoned out for a second and remember “coming back to reality” when the car behind me beeped the horn. 

I could hear his voice and NO HE WAS NOT ON SPEAKER PHONE LOL !

I heard him say to my mom  “WORD?!!!! GOOD FOR HER. I’M SO PROUD OF HER. TELL HER I’M IN HER CORNER. ”.

*Total sigh of relief*…

And trust me when I say, that man has been in my corner EVER SINCE. 

Okay now, fast forward….

My mom and I get to the seminar. 

MIND YOU, this is the SECOND. 


THE SECOND seminar we have attended.

The information was pretty much the same. 

Per New Jersey Bariatric Center (NJBC), if I was going to consider Weight Loss Surgery again, I needed to attend a new seminar…. so there we were. 

Their rules. Not mine. 

I gave them my insurance card. 

I slid it across the table with “Salt Bae Energy”.  

I was cool as a fan cap this time, because I ALREADY KNEW I WAS COVERT!!!

My intake appointment with the surgeon was scheduled for Tuesday, October 23, 2018. 

I walked out of that seminar with the Peace of God mixed with some olivia pope swag.. 

I was MORE THAN READY this time for the journey ahead and I KNEW it would be smooth sailing.


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